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Not only will our products help prolong the life of your furniture, but listed below are some tips to help preserve the beauty and longevity.

    Furniture should be vacuumed (Fabric) or dusted (Leather & Wood) at least once a week. This helps keep dust from embedding in the fibers. Leather furniture, use only what the manufacture recommends for dusting or overall cleaning. Harsh cleaning products may cause discoloration or dry out your leather.

    Rotate and/or flip your cushions if they are removable, weekly, and don't forget to vacuum underneath them.

    To prevent color fading from your fabric and leather, do not expose to direct sunlight, this will also help prevent your fabric from deterioration. Wood and Leather furniture will dry out, possibly crack if over exposed.

    Wood Furniture must be dusted on a regular basis. Moisture can cause lifting of the veneer and/or cracking, therefore, never use harsh chemicals, allow liquids to remain on the wood, and always use coasters before placing a beverage on wood furniture.

    If a stain occurs, immediately take a dry clean white cloth and blott up the stain. Do not rub or agitate with the cloth.

    If you know the cleaning code of your fabric, we suggest you keep that available, you will then know how to treat your fabric.

    Below is a list of different cleaning codes, these are labeled by the manufacture, we recommend that the cleaning code and cleaning instructions on your fabric be followed to prevent any additional damage .

  • X-- Dry Clean Only (do not attempt to clean)
  • S-- Dry Clean with a solvent based cleaner only
  • SW-- Shampoo Dry Foam- Can be cleaned with Water based cleaners however, do not saturate the fabric and always be sure to clean from the outside moving inward.
  • WS-- Wet Shampoo ( do not saturate)
  • W-- Wet Clean water based cleaner. However, still do not saturate the fabric. Use Distilled water and blot dry to avoid water rings.
*ALWAYS* Test all cleaning remedies in a inconspicuous area.